Friday Oct 19, 2018

Wave Propagation

 Wave modeling as one of the most important parts of the third phase of monitoring and modeling studies in Sistan and Baloochestan and Boushehr coastal areas has been regarded. Through these projects, wave simulation studies have been accomplished in Boushehr bay, Rig estuary and Genave port. In this project, after extracting the deep water wave's characteristics from the Persian Gulf hindcast model and introducing it as the inlet boundaries of the model in the regarded sites, the waves are transported to the shallow water and their parameters have been presented thereby. The following figure shows a sample of the wave propagation around Boushehr bay.

 الگوی امواج و متوسط امواج رخ داده در منطقه بوشهر

Waves' pattern and the average occurred wave near Boushehr area


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