Saturday Mar 23, 2019

About the project phase 1

The ports and Marine Organization (PMO) as one of the main organizations in charge of planning and utilization of Iranian coastlines, has taken the lead of several issues in the optimized utilization of the country coastal zones and has provided a codified and multi-stage plan about this issue which has been along definition and guidance of several fundamental projects.
One of the most important projects among the projects mentioned above, was Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), regarding its span and considerable aspects, we need many data about the effective parameters lying in the beach area. Also the "comprehensive plan of commercial ports" project is one of the basic projects defined by the organization which needs several data relevant to the coastal processes.
In this regard and with the aim of providing some of the required data, the project "Iranian marine wave modeling", with the aim of providing the wave climate appropriate data in the marine and coastal areas of Iran, has been defined and accomplished. Through completion of these studies, a widespread project which name is "Monitoring and Simulation Studies of the Country Beaches" have defined through general aims of the organization by the manager and experts of the organization and is still going on. This site has been set up for introducing and presenting the results of this enormous project.

1- Preparing and providing Morphologic and Hydrodynamic information to use in the ICZM project which is under consideration by the Ports & Maritime Organization's general directorate of ports and coastal engineering.
2- Examining the existing problems in the subject coastal zone and presenting solutions from the coastal engineering viewpoint.
3- Gaining access to a trustworthy data reference in order to use in the research and planning of the coastal and extra coastal structures in the subject zone.
4- Completion of the integrated plan of the optimum network of field specifications measurement in the country's north & south waters.
5- Improve and making the modeling results of the south sea-waves precise.
6- Preparation and development of a reliable Iranian model in order to use the mathematical simulation of the hydrodynamic parameters and the sedimentation in the country's waters.
7- Precise examination of the coastal line alterations in the subject zone for the country's future planning.

Significance of the study

Regarding the issue that the coastal environment's potentials are going to be discovered more and more in different ecological, social and recreational fields, it is predicted that in the future the new activities with a more extensive volume are going to be implemented in these areas. To make the best use of this broad stretch of land, there needs to be an appropriate, compiled plan set in place and the implementation of the right management. The complexities ruling the way of interaction between the land (terrestrial environment) and the sea (marine/aquatic environment) are the result of nature and the special characteristic of each of these two environments.  As well as human interference making use of this broad land, makes gaining access to such a compiled plan very difficult. One of the decisive elements in gaining access to this plan is to collect sufficient data on the Hydrodynamic regime and the zone sedimentation and to have an appropriate understanding of the alterations caused by different factors on the Geomorphologic specifications which, unfortunately, most of the time is not accessible because of the lack of sufficient data.
Regarding the necessity of doing these measurements and mathematical modeling for the side operation in Integrated Coastal Zone Management plan and determination of the coastal zones privacy and accurate study of shoreline changes in the study areas for the country's future planning is important.

Range and issues of studies
In the first phase of this plan, which covers Chabahar bay area and about 100 km of the Sistan and Baloochestan provinces shorelines, the marine parameters have been measured by 7 Electroencephalogram and gauge devices and the suspended sediments concentrations have been measured by 3 turbidity meter devices. This approach made it possible for consultant engineers and researchers to access information resources and leads to simulate hydrodynamics, sediment and geomorphologic phenomenon in the area. This phase of the plan has been finished and valuable reports and information which have been obtained during the project, is available. The following figure shows the studies range.

The studies range of the first phase 

Figure (1) the studies range of the first phase

Field measurement equipment layout

Figure (2) Field measurement equipment layout


This national project has been defined by the manager and experts of the Ports & Maritime Organization’s general directorate of Ports and Coastal Engineering and in direction of PMO’s general objectives. Also, in order to precisely supervise the project’s best performance a specialized committee with more than 12 experienced and famous Iranian experts in different fields, cooperate with this department