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Field Measurments

Accomplished and in progress executive activities based on the description of the services, and schedule of the project in Tir of the current year, the following activities have been implemented.
   1- Completion and installation of measuring stations.
   2- Several meetings were held about finalization of the deep water measurement stations.
   3- Coordination with Khark island for installation of the deep water station.
   4- Renting an AWAC device from the Middle east water and environment company.
   5- Validation of the rented AWAC station.
   6- Negotiation with the National Oceangraphy Center for renting an RDI station to be installed in deep water .
  7- Retrival of the equipments which have been installed, discharging their information and reinstalling them completion of the equipments relevant to the measurement operations.

To do marine measurements operations, different equipments are used, the most important of which have been listed in table (1). In additional to the equipments used in the two previous phases, two tidal measuring stations and two other wave deep water station have been provided for this phase. Among these stations, two tidal measuring stations and one AWAC station have been prepared and installed in predicted locations. Table(2) shows the installation point, depth and location features of the marine measurement station in the third phase .


Table 1 Locations of Field Measurment Instruments

 Boushehr3 Measurments Table



 location plan of the measurement instruments

Figure 1-   The location plan of the measurement instruments in Phase III area



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