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 For this report, MIKE21is applied to the entire Naiband Bay and Assaluyeh area to investigate the overall conditions of nearshore waves, hydrodynamics and sediment transport processes in the bay.In the present study is to employ numerical modeling together with GIS analysis of historic shoreline changes and engineering judgment and experience to define sand supply and/or transport rates.  2DH hydrodynamic and sediment transport analysis was conducted based on calculated wave field and depth averaged flows in two horizontal dimensions. The driving forces considered behind the movement of sediments in the nearshore are the wave-induced orbital motion and the nearshore current system including longshore and circulation currents.  The Danish Hydraulic Institute’s (DHI) MIKE21 modeling package was applied to the analysis of the conditions of waves, nearshore currents and sediment transport at the selected sites.  This advanced software employs state-of-the-art computer simulation techniques to model waves, hydrodynamic processes and sediment transport processes.

گلموج نقطه ای دور از ساحل پیش بینی شده توسط WW3 در عسلویه نایبند 

WW3 predicted wave height point rose offshore Assaluyeh/Naiband.

پتانسیل نرخ LST پیش بینی شده MIKEZI (خارج از کانتور عمق m2-) در خلیج نایبند 

FigMIKE21 Predictions of Potential LST Rates (out to -5 m depth contour) in Naiband Bay.


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