Saturday Mar 23, 2019

Shoreline Classification Phase II

The Phase II study area is from Naiband Bay to Dayyer, covering an approximately 90 km stretch of the shoreline.  Figure 1 shows the Landsat image of the present study area.  The mountains along the Phase II shorelines are part of the Zagros Simply Folded Zone (SFZ) that consists mainly of elongate folds which arch upwards as anticlines and downwards as synclines.  The resulting series of elliptical long linear ridges and valleys present an impressive landscape for their symmetry, extent and quality of exposure. 
Figure 2 shows Mangrove forest northeast corner of Naiband Bay (May 2005).


شکل(1)-تصویر ماهواره ای از ناحیه مورد مطالعه فاز 2 (Landsat 1989) 

Figure 1 Satellite image of Phase II study area (Landsat 1989)

 شکل(2)-جنگل حرا در شمال شرقی خلیج نایبند (May 2005)

Figure 2  Mangrove forest northeast corner of Naiband Bay (May 2005)



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