Saturday Mar 23, 2019

Shoreline Changes by GIS Analysis of Air photos and Sattelite Images Phase II

 Shoreline variations identification through satellite images and aerial photos is one of the most applied methods in shoreline variations monitoring. In monitoring and simulation studies project some parts of Bushehr province coastline, in addition to field visits,  the sensors information have been used in order to identify the shoreline variations. These sensors conclude: aerial photos and satellite images. Aerial photos and satellite images using in this project are as follows:

1-Aerial photos related to the year of 1346.
2-Aerial photos related to the year of 1372.
3-Quick Bird and Worldview satellite images corresponding to the year of 1387.

In order to study the shoreline variations and also identification of the shoreline using the above information references, radiometric and geometric corrections were performed on the information. 

نمایی از منطقه بندی ناحیه مورد مطالعه در محدوده فاز 2 

A view of the study area zoning in the phase 2 area