Saturday Mar 23, 2019

Storm Surge Modeling 1


Winds and storms motion on the sea surface level causes a shear stress on water which increases the water surface level. If this water level increase occurs with the maximum tidal level simultaneously,
The surge due to the storm will became more severe. In these studies, the method of simulation and determination of the storm surge in the project area has been examined. Storm tide estimation for different conditions for determination of the designing water level in coastal projects is significant.
Persian Gulf has a shallow tectonic dip/notch with the length of 1000 km. The average depth of Persian Gulf is about 40 m and the maximum depth is 170m located at the inlet mouth and Hormoz strait. The bed slope is milder near to the Arabian shoreline rather than the bed slope near to Iraninan coastlines, and the deepest parts are located near Iranian coastlines.
The project area is considered as the deep parts of the Persian Gulf and is located about the middle of the Persian Gulf.

محدوده شبیه سازی و شبکه مورد استفاده در مدل FM 

The simulation area and the network used in FM model


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