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2D Modeling of tidal currents 1


 The aim of this study is tidal modeling in the whole of the Persian Gulf to determine the annual tidal regime in the Persian Gulf and to make it possible to determine tidal heights in the whole of Persian Gulf. At the beginning the favorable location for putting the model boundary conditions, was determined. Thereafter, the unstructured mesh of the water depth was constructed. As the next step, the present tidal model was calibrated. Then, the modeling results were compared to the tidal field measurements and the Persian Gulf tidal regime was presented. The present model was MIKE 21 FLOW MODEL FM. Overall the tidal heights were measured in 16 points along Iranian shoreline and in phases 2 to 4 of the monitoring project; and subsequently were used in the future steps of modeling. 11 locations among these points were also used in the process of the model boundary conditions determination. In the following figure location of all of the points, is depicted divided by their project phases.

 توزیع نقاط اندازه گیری جزر و مد در سواحل ایران

Distribution of the tidal measurement points in Iranian coastlines

 شبکه نامنظم ریز برای کل پهنه خلیج فارس

Fine unstructured mesh for the entire area of the Persian Gulf 

 توزیع بیشینه ارتفاعهای جزری در پهنه خلیج فارس در سال 2011 میلادی

Distribution of the maximum Ebb heights in the entire area of the Persian Gulf in 2011 

توزیع بیشینه ارتفاعهای مدی در پهنه خلیج فارس در سال 2011 میلادی 

Distribution of the maximum tidal heights in the entire area of the Persian Gulf in 2011



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