Thursday Jan 24, 2019


The current hydrodynamic characteristics vary from point to point in coastal zones and seas. Hence it is necessary that the sediment transport model operates together with the current model simultaneously. Therefore, obtained hydrodynamic conditions at each time step is available for using in the sediment transport model, and the output results of the sediment transport model (bed elevation variations) are used in the current model.
In the present model, non-adhesive sediments simulation has been considered for 5 aggregation ranges. Coarse sediments are modeled by two methods of equilibrium and non-equilibrim. In this model the sediment transport is simulated in two cases of the current and combination of the wave and current. For determining the sediment transport capacity, three methods of Baiker, Yang and Van Raijn which are the most reliable methods of sediment transport capacity, have been used.

چگونگی توزیع غلظت رسوب در حوضچة رسوبگیر (واحد PPM) 

Sediment concentration distribution in a sedimentation basin (PPM)

تغییرات تراز بستر در حوضچة رسوبگیر (مقدار مثبت بیانگر رسوب‌گذاری می‌باشد)(واحد m) 

Bed level variations in a sedimentation basin (positive values indicate sedimentation)



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