Saturday Mar 23, 2019

Design and Implementation of Data Base

All the collected, measured and documents related to the modeled data has been summarized in a GIS environment with an interface to access the data and use them in further analysis of the results.  Considering the fact that a variety of data and documents are collected and produced during various sequences of the study, a system for data management is to be established in order to provide user friendly access to the resultant data. Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) might be the best solution to achieve such targets. GIS selection is based on the fact that such a system is a powerful tool for dealing with spatial data.
In “Monitoring and Modeling Study of Some Coastal Parts of Sistan & Baluchestan and Bushehr Provinces” a variety of data and documents have been released. A data model is developed to provide simple and fast access to various data/documents and provide capabilities for desired spatial and attributed queries. Released data collected in the data model consist of measured data, collected information, investigations and documents related to numerical modeling results, detailed studies in hot spots in various temporal periods and spatial frameworks.
A custom GIS application has been encapsulated through a user friendly interface for searching and retrieving data and documents and appropriate outputs based on uploaded data is provided.
Released data from all phases of the project is available in a database developed on SQL Server 2000 database engine through ArcSDE 9.0 and ArcGIS 9.2 software. The Monitoring and Modeling Software is developed using C#.Net 2005 as an ArcGIS Extension.  Employing the mentioned extension, one may access to the following capabilities; 


 تعریف سطوح کاربری و دسترسی

Define users and access levels


نمایش و خروجی گرفتن از داده‎های اندازه‎گیری شده برای هر مجموعه دلخواه از ابزارهای اندازه‎گیری با ساختارهای مناسب  

View and export measurements data for any arbitrary set of measuring instruments with appropriate formats


ترسیم و چاپ سری های زمانی برای پارامترهای انتخابی و فواصل زمانی با ابزارهای بزرگنمایی و جابجایی  

Draw and print time series for selected parameters and time intervals with zoom and pan tools


 انتقال و جستجوی مکانی برای داده های اندازه‎گیری شده

Spatial query and export for measurement data


طبقه بندی، آرشیو و مشاهده اسناد پروژه  

Categorize, archive, and view project documents


 افزودن مختصات XY به لایه های نقطه‎ای

Append XY coordinates to point layers