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Analysis of Sediment Sample

One of the activities which has been performed for identifying the sediment types of the are, is taking the sediment samples and sediment analysis through the second phase. Doing this approach, A layout at the sediment taking places was designed which has been formed of intersecting coastal profiles. These profiles have been implemented in special areas and on the coastal profiles. As a result, the locations for taking sediment samples are the intersection points of these profiles, with upstream water line, in the location of the water line and at the depth 3m and 5m through CD respectively. This kind of sampling has been designed due to the project services description. The following figure shows these profiles. The considering stations are Naiband, Asalooye-Nakhle Taghi, Parak-Shirino, Taheri, Site 2 of pars Energy, Kangan and Dayyer.

 خطوط پروفیل‏های  برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب در فاز دوم محدوده نایبند تا دیر

Figure (1) - The profiles lines of taking the sediment samples in the second phase of Naiband to Dayyer area

For sample taking by using the points which have been put into a handy GPS , we must stand on the location of sediment taking. By using Echo sander we take the samples meanwhile the depth controlling. The samples with definite coding have been packed with nylones. Thereafter, the samples have been packed appropriately and delivered to the laboratory for analysis. Some images of how the sediment have been taken, by the measurement team are bellow. The sediment samples are taken by van veen sampler. As a result, all of the samples are handy type.
Also While coastal sampling (in the water line area), whenerer it was impossible to take the samples, the photos were taken of sampling locations.
All of the information concluding the places, time performer and photos has been provided. 

نحوه برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب ، محل برداشت یکی از پروفیل‌های رسو در خط آب 

 نحوه برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب ، محل برداشت در بالا دست خط آب

نحوه برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب ، یکی از پروفیل‏ها که امکان برداشت نمونه وجود ندارد 

نحوه برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب ، نمونه‌های که امکان برداشت آن فراهم نبود  

 نحوه برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب ، نحوه برداشت نمونه از عمق دریا

 نحوه برداشت نمونه‌های رسوب ، یکی از نمونه‌های برداشت شده

Figure (2)- the way of taking the sediment samples



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