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Field Measurments Phase 1

As part of the present study, waves and currents were measured at several points in Chabahar Bay area using 6 ADCP and 2 ADV for a period of one year from September 2006 to August 2007. Table 1 provides a summary of waves and currents measurement locations and the corresponding measurement period at each location.  In this table, AW refers to Nortek AWAC, AQ refers to Nortek Aquadopp and VE refers to Nortek Vector instruments.  In total, measurements were conducted at 16 points.  Figure 1 shows those locations.

Table 1  Locations of Field Measurment Instruments

 chabahar measurments table

Figure 1  Wave and current measurement locations
Figure 1  Wave and current measurement locations

Installationand retrieval of marine stations
After clarifying the marine stations locations and before installing the equipment, the installation team, surveyed and identified the bed topography and characteristics by diving operations. The points extracted from the map, implemented in the GIS, and after putting into the position, the bed characteristics were identified. The best location was determined after checking the bed and after that, the anchor system was put on the sea bed by concrete.
There are three models using for data measurements among which, three AWAC in the water deeper than 10m, Aqudopp in the water which depth is less that 10 m and a Vector at the depth 2 m toward CD, were installed.
The stations installed in the sea, are retrieved from the sea bed by diving services due to their frames and the anchor system. Large volume of information, received by the devices, which is more than 40 mega bytes through one month (once a month), causes need of a long time for discharging the information. Therefore, all of the main equipment’s transferred to the coast and discharging the information was carried over there, for every time of discharging the information and battery replacement; because it is not possible to do this accurate job on the boat, and this job should be done in an appropriate place with required facilities. After retrieval the equipment, the processes of cleaning the devices with fresh water and removing the hard-shell of the devices body, were committed.
After that, the saved information in the devices is discharged using a notebook. Supplementary controls were applied on every measured data in the seating of the team and some back up files were prepared of them.
As a sample, figure (2) shows the comparison of wave height in all stations during the one –year measurement. 

The comparison of wave height in all stations 

The comparison of wave height in all stations


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